Monday, February 14, 2011

A Valentine Post

An economist's My point of view of the inefficiencies of having a boyfriend.

The Opportunity Cost of Not Being Single:
  1. Limited time for yourself. There is the tradeoff of some of your time for yourself & family vs. that of your loved one.
  2. Must always look good. You can never meet him looking like a mess.
  3. Limited social life. Time spent with him eats up the time you should've spent with your friends having fun, or meeting/befriending someone.
  4. Limited study time. Even if you only meet five hours a week, that is still some hours spent not studying, and that can have an impact on your grades. haha. :D
  5. And many other reasons I don't feel like writing. :)
Be single forever like me. LOL, just kidding. :p
Happy Valentines! <3