Thursday, April 14, 2011

30-Day Challenge

I'm starting the 30-day challenge I got from tumblr last Monday. I know it's weird, but I'm only doing it here on blogger, not on tumblr, because it's kinda public there, and I don't want my followers who don't know me to read about these very personal posts. And I think the essence of this challenge is kinda lost if I'll post it on tumblr, since that website is more like an instant blogging site. (Don't misunderstand me, but I love tumblr.) :)

Ok, so let's start!
  • Five weird things you do when you're home alone. I know they're not really weird, but I can't think of anything I do that is in the definition of weirdness right now, so here goes:
  1. I spend soooooooooo much time on tumblr. Normal people spend soooooooooo much time of facebook, and here I am on summer spending half of the 24-hour day sitting like a boss, tumbling the day away. I think one unusual fact about me is that I hate facebook, especially the attention-seeking people in it. I sometimes want to change my name to No One and like some git's stupid status, but I think I will be judged by people if I did that. In tumblr, I'm free to post what I want, and I also have more followers in it than friends I have on facebook (and followers from twitter). Tumblr also is like my creativity space on this crazy world, aside from my diary. :)
  2. I eat and eat until I'm full. I've always been so thin in my entire existence here on earth, so I don't mind munching more food because I'm never getting fat. Pringles is my favorite junk food, btw. I also like fruits (oranges, apples, etc.). And I like noodles. :D
  3. I watch movies or dramas or any shows. I think this is not really weird, but this is really what I do, especially when I am in the dorm alone (as always). When I am not watching a drama, it's either I'm watching a movie, or an anime, while eating something. :)
  4. I read books. Ok, it's not really weird, but I can't think of anything I do alone except these things I am writing. I read books I buy mostly on Book Sale, but sometimes I also read from e-books I've been downloading on the internet (I'm a pirate, lol). But I prefer reading on books because my eyes get strained when I read on my laptop all day.
  5. I talk to myself and dance and sing real loud. I talk to myself when I am alone, usually when I remember something stupid I did. It is usually accompanied by a slap in the face, or anywhere, as long as I (mildly) hurt myself. I also like blurting out Korean expressions when I'm alone, like 진짜 (chincha: really?) and 오모 (omo: oh God.), especially when something (interesting) happens in what I am watching or reading. I also like dancing and singing K-Pop songs real loud. :D
So, that's it. My first day in the 30-day challenge. :)