Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I thank it, not you

Thank you, music
For being there with me
Through those happy days
Your melody singing in the air
Made my days more beautiful and fair;
Through all those forgettable days
My neutral mood never fails
To be enchanted by your happy tunes;
Through all those sad hours
Where listening to you is the last resort
You created a pretty shoulder
For me to cry the whole afternoon.
Thank you, music
For being there for me
When the whole world didn't
You calmed the beast inside me
I found an endearing friend in you
Thank you for the daily hope
Your wonderful rhythm inspires.
I promise to love you
And listen forever to your sound.

Ok, since the second semester was rather bitchy to me, I wrote a poem one day at the CAL library (in mid-March), while being totally emo. :) I think the poem's rather corny. haha. Anyways, I just love the feeling of writing in solitude, as it helps me drive some sadness away by realizing how awesome a poet I can be. Just kidding, haha. ;p