Saturday, March 19, 2011


Our last CWTS meeting ended today with an educational trip to Museo Pambata for the kids.

I don't really want to attend this culminating activity (it's on a Saturday) because I want to go home this weekend. Anyhow, I still went for the sake of finishing this subject. It has been tiring (yet fulfilling) teaching four kids (C.J., Angela, Marick-ar, and Shiela) during this second semester, and right now, I'm feeling really happy because it's finally ended. (No more going to Katipunan every tiring Tuesday and Thursday afternoons to teach!)

I will miss the kids I've taught; they have been very nice to me throughout the semester. I definitely won't forget them because they're my first students; they're someone who actually listened to what I've gotta say and believe every little bit of it. I seldom receive compliments in my life, and they're one of the few who actually said some to me. (Omo, why does this post suddenly sounded dramatic?) :)

Anyways, this educational trip to Museo Pambata wasn't really fun. It turned out that most of the kids already visited this place before. I feel like I'm Sunny (from SNSD) in the SEOUL music video while walking hand-by-hands with Angela and Erika (the kids assigned to me). (LOL, random thought.) This trip is very tiring because of the heat of the sun (we ate lunch at a park? near Quirino Grandstand). Glad I bought The Da Vinci Code to pass the time while the kids were playing. On our way back to the center, we (luckily) witnessed a shooting on the road. Because of the traffic, the jeep we were riding on was positioned perfectly near the set, and we caught a glimpse of Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson (about to kiss, haha). We also saw Joey Marquez and a familiar fat actress whose name I don't know. :) Jeepney rides are so uncomfortable; the heat of the sun in the afternoon is unbearable, and so is the smoke from the vehicles on the road. After this day, I went back to the dorm exhausted and tired. (No more CWTS! No more CWTS!) :)

I can feel summer coming faster now. :)