Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I was hesitant watching this Disney movie at first, but I've been hearing good reviews about it being funny and unique. Nonetheless, I still watched it last Monday afternoon after downloading a copy at torrent (I'm such a pirate, LOL.) to kill the boredom. I figured I needed a break from my Econometrics paper killing me since the weekends. :)

I was expecting the usual Rapunzel story, and I was surprised in the plot's twists. It is very unique, and I liked the concept of the "healing hair" because it seemed like a sane reason to keep her hair being uncut forever. Plus, Rapunzel and Flynn has this really cute chemistry between them. :D I liked the ending, as usual in fairy tales, they lived happily ever after; she is still beautiful even with short brown hair. I liked the Barbie adaptation more, but I can say Tangled is beautiful in its own way: it's one of those few hilarious fairy tale movies ever been made. :)